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Super Chicken

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Review Date: 07/01/1998

File Size: 164k

Author URL: Not Available

Suuuuuper Chicken! Ba bak, ba bak, ba bak, ba bak, ba bak, ba bak, ba bak...! Try sayin' that 10 times really fast. Well, this theme is about as simple as they come. There's an 800x600 pixel bitmap wallpaper, a couple of Ba bak, ba... yea those... sound files, and some icons from a kids pack.

The file size should say it all. There just isn't much to this one. There are only a few sound files placed redundantly, no relative cursors, and a low color bitmap that could easily be cropped and centered to cut the file size down even more. Needs a readme.txt file for installation instructions.

Some cursors and a few extra sound files would do wonders for Super Chicken. The small file size makes it worth the download though and small children will probably love it. This one's for the kids.

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