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X-Files (Blue)

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Review Date: 07/04/1998

File Size: 1,374k

Author URL: Not Available

Here's another X-Files theme and this one contains most of the parts you would expect in an X-Files theme package. There's a JPG wallpaper in both 800x600 and 640x480 and a bunch of 'PCM,22,050 Hz, 8 Bit, Mono' sound files. The desktop icons are blue images of three 256-color icons and one 16 color icon. The xfiles.ttf font file is added as well as a decent set of startup and shutdown logo files.

This one gets a questionable "Click On It!" only because it's just an average theme. There's nothing really wrong with it. The cursors are the standard 3D type. They've been recolored but they are still just the plain old standard type. The sound files are in mono as mentioned above.

Can't say much about this one except that there are a lot of X-Files themes and this one doesn't stick out in the crowd. It needs stereo sound, better cursors, and a wallpaper that grabs you. Truly diehard X-Files fans know the meaning of this.

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