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Space Shuttle Cockpit

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Review Date: 04/13/2001

File Size: 3,822k

Author URL: Available

Put yourself in the drivers seat and get ready for blast off. This theme comes with photo wallpaper for 800x600 and 1024x768 display sizes with photo quality box type icons. There's a countdown cursor, a spinning world cursors and a few shadow cursors in the mix. The sound files are from music by Elton John. A Space Shuttle screen saver and a set of system logo screens are included. This update adds web view images to the launch pad.

The color scheme may not be for everyone since the text background is a little too dark for some software environments. The two Elton John sound files are long and since they are associated to Starting and Shutting Down Windows, they make for lengthy blast offs... uh, reboots. No web view images are included.

Hey! There's that 'Eject' button!

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