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Sigma 2 - Internal

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Review Date: 06/23/1998

File Size: 956k

Author URL: Available

This is another interesting theme package from theme author 'Sigma'. It's called "Internal" because it's based on the author's mind. There is a twin to this set called "Sigma" or "External" and that one is based on how the author feels. This one is also full of high quality sounds and good graphics. Like the first of this set but also very different, the sounds are more or less techno and a mixture of several other short sound effects. The wallpaper is a JPG image that looks like something off a "Crash Test Dummies" album cover and the desktop icons are simple but appropriate 256-color "sigma" images.

The wallpaper is a strange size at 550x550 pixels and doesn't stretch well for large display sizes. The JPG filter doesn't dither the image well and it appears slightly pitted on the desktop.

This one needs standard sized wallpaper and a little more creativity with cursors. Other than that, it rocks!

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