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Review Date: 12/02/1999

File Size: 1,513k

Author URL: Available

Love these icons and cursors! They're all original and very easy to use while computing in other program environments. There are two different 640x480 JPG wallpaper images and plenty of sound files to bring a taste of the game to your desktop. A very good-looking set of system logo screens is also included with installation bat files to make add/removal and restoration a snap. "That's it. Run like the coward I know you to be."

Sound quality is average with a little background hissing. A few of the sounds may even get to you after a while, like the overly active "Close program" sound association. Both wallpaper images are only available for 640x480 display sizes. An extra *.theme file for the alternate JPG wallpaper would also be nice.

Just being picky with this one. It's not a bad theme for 640x480 display settings but with all the stunning 3D type game based themes out today, it just looks and sounds average in the crowd.

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