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Sophie Marceau

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Review Date: 06/14/2002

File Size: 2,176k

Author URL: Available

Celebrity Sophie Marceau is the basis of this theme pack. Contents include a 1024x768 JPG wallpaper image, 4 photo capture icons, standard inverted cursors, and a single theme file to apply theme settings.

Unfortunately, this is a real mess! The entire theme is coded for use from the root of the themes directory but the filenames are not coherent so you'll end up with files scattered everywhere. The icons are not set at correct aspect ratios, making the images used appear very strange. A lot of original image files that were used to create the icons are also in the package for no apparent reason. All the cursors are the standard type. No sound files, no web view images, no system logos, no screen saver, and most importantly, no installation instructions are included.

If you just want an average wallpaper image, download one but think twice about this package. It's not worth the time and effort.

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