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Review Date: 01/16/2001

File Size: 6,919k

Author URL: Available

This package not only gives emphasize to the elite group of talented Snowbirds pilots, but it also gives the words 'multi-theme package' a whole new meaning. First of all, there are a total of 48 theme parts and 9 theme files, making this download more than enough for any Snowbirds fan. Each theme comes with a totally different JPG wallpaper setting of the Snowbirds in action. Remaining theme parts, like cutout icons, animated cursors, system logo screens, and a screen saver are shared among all 9 themes.

The only things missing from this package are stereo sound files, web view images and more original cursors.

In this case, quality beats quantity. It's the best Snowbirds multi-theme pack around but it could still use a little more clarity with graphics and sound.

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