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The Sum of all Fears

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Review Date: 07/14/2002

File Size: 1,694k

Author URL: Available

Here's a theme about the movie/book/game "The Sum of All Fears." Parts include 637x548 wallpaper image, 5 desktop icons, 13 cursors, and 9 sound files.

A 637x548 pixel wallpaper image is just not big enough. It's also included twice, once as a bitmap and once as a slightly blurry JPG. It would probably be smart to trash one of those to reduce the overall theme package file size. Sound files are from various sources and in various quality formats. Most importantly, the main theme (*.theme) file is coded for XP systems only but this package doesn't contain the directory paths or installation instructions so most standard PLUS! theme users will have a very hard time trying to install this. Most of the cursors are the standard 3D type and there aren't many extra theme parts included for all the optional theme settings.

Desktop Architect makes it work but it really should be coded with all theme manager users in mind. In this case, the sum of all fears is loosing our standards.

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