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South Park

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Review Date: 05/16/1998

File Size: 1,331k

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Alright! It's about time. Here's a good South Park theme for more than just South Park fans. The desktop wallpaper is a very clear 3D rendered 800x600 JPG image for all you 3D graphic lovers. (Who isn't?) The Kenny screen saver is more than entertaining and is actually one of the first interactive theme savers. Your mouse pointer turns into a lightening bolt and you try to strike Kenny as he moves across the desktop. If you're successful, Kenny dies and then you're scolded for killing him.

Unfortunately, this version lacks wacky cursors. Only 2 are animated South Park cursors and the rest are all the standard 3D type. The sound files are poor quality for the most part as they contain hissing and background noise.

Better sound quality would definitely put this theme up there with the best and if a few more wacky animated cursors were added, Doctor's Choice would be written all over it!

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