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Spider-man - Toby Maguire

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Review Date: 07/06/2002

File Size: 5,539k

Author URL: Not Available

This package includes 2 different theme settings with 2 cropped 804x603 bitmap wallpaper images referenced to load and 2 of the same uncropped 1024x768 JPG images that are not referenced to load. In addition, there are 5 character photo icons, 15 cursors, and 18 PCM sound files. An optional screen saver installer is also included.

As previously mentioned, the wallpaper is included twice, once in standard 1024x768 JPG format and again in smaller 804x603 bitmap format. Unfortunately, the smaller images are referenced in the theme so those are the ones that load. One of them is even set to tile. (Yuck!) 'Software\Classes\' also needs to be removed from the main theme (*.theme) file code to prevent icon problems for older PLUS! theme manager users. All the cursors are taken (Stolen!) from another well known Spider-man theme. There are directories for system logo screens and web view images but they are not included. The only thing that appears to be the work of this theme artist is the poorly cropped wallpaper images and the sound files and they... SUCK! There, I said it and it felt good too.

This theme was a total waste of download time and the author should be scolded for trying to pass off another author's theme as their own, and doing a very poor job of it in the process.

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