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Saving Private Ryan

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Review Date: 03/04/1999

File Size: 2,146k

Author URL: Available

Happy, sad, laughing, crying, and probably a few other feelings were captured in this outstanding movie. Now those same feelings are similarly captured in this great desktop theme. All the parts are completely original from the optional 1024x768 or 800x600 wallpaper settings down to the little AK-47 animated cursors. There are startup/shutdown logo screens and a screen saver along with executable files to install everything easily. If you haven't seen the movie yet, this theme will probably instigate it.

It's understandable that the sound for this theme must have been hard to capture with all the background noises in the movie but some associations could be better. You'll probably get tired of hearing the sound in the screen saver after it has played through a couple of times. The web view images are the Windows default.

Overall, this theme successfully brings the feel of the movie to your heart and THAT'S the basic objective in a great desktop theme creation. Nice work Judd!

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