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Spoon Sports Civic Type-R

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Review Date: 08/17/1998

File Size: 507k

Author URL: Not Available

Here's another Honda Civic Type-R based theme. Is this a great car, or what? Well, there's not much to this theme package but there are a few quality parts. The 1024x768 desktop wallpaper image and color scheme couldn't be a better blend for a cool looking desktop appearance.

The big problem is that there are several files assigned which are either not included or referenced incorrectly in the code. Unfortunately, there are only two sound files to let you know your speakers are even on. This theme is also identical to another Civic Type-R theme by the same author with the only difference being the wallpaper, color scheme, and cursor colors.

Both themes could easily be combined for one great package containing two different .theme files to execute the theme of your choice. Of course, the bugs should be fixed and a few extra sound files should be added to make everything worth while. It's a good start. Now finish it!

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