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Star Wars

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Review Date: 04/15/1999

File Size: 1,104k

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Star Wars is back and so are the themes. They are coming in from all directions... I can't hold them off... We're loosing... Oh, there we go. It's about time you got that hyper drive fixed. Where to next? How about to the desktop with a cool looking 3D rendered Tie Interceptor 800x600 bitmap wallpaper, some Mac rendered cutout icons, a new set of cursors? A mower screen saver (?) is also included.

The code says "This theme was developed using Nish Theme Generator" and after looking at the file associations, I have to say "no" to this particular theme creation program. It's always a good idea to test a theme before you distribute it to the public domain and this is a good example of the reason why testing is necessary. Everything is just dumped into the main theme directory without any common file names and nearly every cursor association is assigned incorrectly. For example, the 'Text Select' cursor is the 'No' cursor and the 'Vertical Resize' is the 'Horizontal Resize' cursor. It sure makes working with these settings a real chore. On top of this, a few hot spots are not set correctly in these cursor creations. Not sure about these logo files either since none of them seem to contain any images. The bat file that is used to install them will also overwrite the original logos without any warning so BE CAREFUL! No readme.txt included. Shall I go on...?

Fix the cursors and other defects or prepare for termination. This could be a really great package. May the force be with you. Now go cut that grass on the Death Star.

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