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Sylvie Joly

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Review Date: 07/14/2002

File Size: 962k

Author URL: Not Available

Here's a French theme based on Sylvie Joly. Theme parts include tiled 164x150 bmp wallpaper image to scatter Joly all over your desktop. An extra bitmap of the same size is included with only the background color for those that don't want to see Joly. To sum this one up, there are 19 PCM sound files, which are probably funny but it's hard to tell without understanding French.

The main theme (*.theme) file is hard coded to reference theme parts from several different directory locations, many of which are not a part of this theme. As you can see, there's not much to this theme package either. In fact, it may not even qualify as a theme since it doesn't include even the basic parts found in an average theme pack. French or no French, those sound files are overly associated and get real annoying in no time at all. You can also see lines between the tiled wallpaper image.

Don't expect this one to load on your desktop without some major surgery and even if it does, don't expect much.

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