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Techno 2

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Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 05/10/1998

File Size: 818k

Author URL: Available

This is an update to an already great theme. Several cons that were mentioned before have been taken care of. Unlike most music based themes, this one does not contain long annoying sound files. They are all short and sweet. All the files are completely new and original from the cursors to the screen saver. There's even an extra set of cursors for left handed users which is just about a trade mark with this particular theme author. Great work Ken Hinds!

Some of the sound files are mono. The color scheme takes a few seconds to adjust too. This is not really a con but more of a warning to let you give it a chance to grow on you.

If all the sound files were in stereo under good compression standards, this theme would be even better. At any rate, it's a great theme package and not just for Techno fans!

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