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The Beach

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Review Date: 05/31/2000

File Size: 473k

Author URL: Not Available

Ah... a great place to relax and soak up some rays. Hopefully, this theme will present some of the same feelings, short of the rays. We certainly don't need any of the kind that come from that radiation box in front of you. So start this small download and get a 768x512 JPG wallpaper image of a quiet beach, a few cursors, sound files and four desktop icons.

The JPG wallpaper is not a standard size, which means it will not maintain an aspect ratio when stretched on any desktop. Sound files, cursors, and icons are little too cartoony for the photo wallpaper setting. Only two cursors are included and several (maybe all) icons parts are from other sources.

Everything works but it's a questionable download under today's desktop theme standards.

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