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Review Date: 01/18/1998

File Size: 1,885k

Author URL: Not Available

Based on the James Cameron film and pieced together well with files from the official Titanic web site, you get two great themes in one package. All you Leonardo DiCaprio fans will definitely love this one. There are two high quality JPG wallpaper files of Leo and Kate along with little portraits of the two in icon files. The color schemes also deserves an honorable mention since it really mixes well with the overall appearance and has an extended 3D effect that can not be created under standard Windows 95 display property settings. Third party software has definitely been used to get this effect. The sounds are also short but sweet. Most are actually taken from another source which the author mentions but they are mixed well within this theme. The startup and shutdown sounds were taken from the Titanic web site and also contain amazing quality, given the source. This theme deserves downloading even if you haven't seen the movie.

A good set of installation instructions in the readme file along with credits to the original Titanic web site. However, the URL for the web site could have been added along with the credits so that people can also download the Titanic Screensaver file. That makes this theme complete.

A few more original cursors and this would definitely be Doctor's Choice material.

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