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Visionaries - Darkling & Spectral...

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Review Date: 02/03/2003

File Size: 1,621k

Author URL: Available

Based on the Visionaries cartoon series, this package contains two theme settings for 'Darkling' and 'Spectral Knights'. Each comes with shared desktop icons, cursors, sound files and a couple of extra images.

The sounds are scratchy uncompressed PCM files, which makes for some very large files that aren't worth the lossless uncompressed format. A couple of logos are included, probably best for web view associations but they aren't referenced to load automatically in the main theme (*.theme) file code. All the graphics in general look like they were imported through an older video capture card. Most importantly, one of the wallpaper images is outside the Visionaries subdirectory within the themes directory but the code is referencing it from within the subdirectory. Long story short, it will not load properly for some theme managers.

Needless to say, there's room for quality enhancements and attention to detail here.

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