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World Cup 98

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Review Date: 06/09/1998

File Size: 2,496k

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World Cup! World Cup! World Cup! That's all I see and hear recently in Japan. It's probably just as big in most of the other countries that are participating but this is the first time Japan has actually entered the World Cup games. These people are literally going nuts. Well, now Japan and the rest of the World Cup 98 countries can all go just a little more nuts with this desktop theme package by Alfredo Lisarraga Espinosa. There are two different theme files to execute two different 800x600 JPG wallpaper images with shared theme parts. Some of the sound files are from The Official World Cup 98 Music CD. Other parts include a couple of good soccer related animated cursors, World Cup icons, startup & shutdown logo files, and even a screensaver. It's all here!

Some of the sound files are cut abruptly. One of the wallpaper files is stretched too much and the other one makes the national flags look rough around the edges. Most of the cursors are the standard 3D type.

Here it is World Cup 98 fans. Come and get it.

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