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The Wedding Singer

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Review Date: 03/04/1999

File Size: 1,895k

Author URL: Available

Remember the 80s? "Hey little sister... it's a nice day for a white wedding." Well, this movie brings back the memories and this theme is an attempt at bringing it all to your desktop. There are a few extra parts in this dual theme pack for alternate settings. Two theme files to easily apply the 800x600 JPG wallpaper image of your choice along with extra icons and sound files. "Yeah... it's a nice day to start again."

Poor 8-bit mono sound quality complete with static and abrupt endings. Overall style and content seems a bit simple. There's also a 469k screen saver that doesn't do anything unless you pay for it. (Definitely a waste of bandwidth.)

This one might satisfy dedicated fans of the movie but it's not for the doctor's desktop.

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