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Winona Ryder

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Review Date: 10/07/1997

File Size: 1,508k

Author URL: Not Available

Wow! It's all here. Winona Ryder in a nice little screensaver, clear logo files, and all the usual theme accessories.

Major problem... the color scheme because it just doesn't fit this type of theme. In fact, it doesn't fit any type of theme. Red is the worst color to even attempt to deal with and on top of that, the "selected items" color is the same as the "menu" color, which is very misleading. The wallpaper file would also be perfect if it didn't appear to be in the wrong high or low bit color setting and wasn't saved as a huge bitmap file. 2,305kb is just too big for a wallpaper file. The sound files are recorded at different sound levels so sometimes you hear it and sometimes you don't.

Just click on the "Eggplant" color scheme under "Display Properties, Appearance" after you activate this theme to bring up the rating.

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