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Alice In Wonderland

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Review Date: 09/26/2000

File Size: 1,024k

Author URL: Available

Here's a theme package based on the fabulous Alice in Wonderland book by Lewis Carroll. This one is also a little different from the average with a wonderful set of cursors included for both left and right-handed users. The background image is a 1024x768 JPG file with cut out icons and a color scheme that blends in well with the entire setting. The sound files are all cute little sound effects and there's even an original screensaver created by this theme author. This update includes an improved version of the screensaver, the background is colored, and system logo screens are now included.

The background is an improvement but it doesn't really have an eye-catching look to it.

If you're looking for an outstanding set of cursors, icons and a good set of short sound effects in a small download, this one is definitely worth your time. It's definitely a kid-friendly theme.

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