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Preview Size Date Description
dltheme 1159k2002-01-27Dragon's Lair (startup/shutdown screens added)
dm2the01 176k1996-06-20Doom2 1 (game)
dm2theme 351k1996-06-20Doom2 2 (game)
dm_13day1840k2001-02-25Thirteen Days (movie) (Connectix)
dm_bhart2284k2001-02-25Braveheart (movie) (Connectix)
dm_bn 4944k2001-07-25Birth of the USA (Connectix theme)
dm_bob 3496k2002-01-27Band of Brothers (HBO mini series) (Connectix)
dm_bond 4567k2001-02-25James Bond (movie starring Sean Connery) (Connectix)
dm_eag 3223k2001-05-14Enemy at the Gates (movie)
dm_enter4018k2001-12-02Star Trek - Enterprise (new tv series) (Connectix)
dm_fant33193k2001-02-25Fantasy paintings (Connectix)
dm_fh 3780k2001-12-02From Hell (movie) (Connectix)
dm_fitzg2544k2001-12-02Edmund Fitzgerald (Connectix)
dm_for 4777k2002-01-27Fellowship of the Ring - Lord of the Ring (movie) (Connectix)
dm_gij_e4454k2000-11-11World War II combat in Europe (Connectix)
dm_gocb 2831k2000-09-29Country's men singers (Connectix)
dm_gocbs3740k2000-09-29Country's men singers (Screensaver)
dm_hpss 3415k2001-12-02Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Connectix)
dm_hr 4603k2001-09-10Hot Rods (Connectix - vehicles)
dm_hw 3932k2002-04-13Hart's War (movie) (Connectix)
dm_igolf2558k2001-05-14International Golf Courses
dm_ij_lc3479k2001-05-14Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (movie)
dm_ij_td3254k2001-02-25Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (movie) (Connectix)
dm_jp3 3291k2001-07-25Jurassic Park 3 (Connectix theme)
dm_maya 4601k2000-09-25Mayan Civilisation (Connectix Desktop)
dm_mayap2064k2000-09-25Mayan People (Webshot screensaver)
dm_mayar4013k2000-09-25Mayan Ruins (Webshot screensaver)
dm_monst2556k2001-12-02Monsters Inc (movie by Disney and Pixar) (Connectix)
dm_mr 3937k2001-06-09The Mummy Returns (movie) (Connectix)
dm_o11 4463k2002-01-27Ocean's 11 (movie) (Connectix)

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