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Preview Size Date Description
windows 26k2002-03-15Windows XP in Wingdings Font
windows2 272k2002-06-23Windows 2000 server, 98 SE, Wingate Proxy, NT4
windows9 4k2000-07-13Windows 98 (logo.sys)
wingate 37k2000-07-13Wingate Intel Evil Inside (logo.sys)
wings 221k2000-07-13Wings of Honneamise (logo.sys)
wingspan 66k2005-04-12Obscured image of a comuter screen (and the point is?)
winlava1 53k2000-07-13WinLava (logo.sys)
winlogo1 33k2000-07-13WinLogo (logo.sys)
winlongh 324k2003-11-15Windows Longhorn Blast
winona 37k2000-07-13Winona Rider (logo.sys)
winonar1 48k2000-02-05Winona Ryder #1
winotf 36k2000-07-13Windows of the Future (logo.sys)
winsuck2 48k2004-12-18Windows Sucks - Linux Tux startup screen
winsucks 66k2002-06-23Linux Penguin sucks on a drink of Windows
winter 11k2000-07-13Winter (logo.sys)
winter2 104k2005-03-28Winter - snow covered trees in blue light
winter98 39k2000-07-13Winter 98 (logo.sys)
winterso 14k2000-07-13Winter Solstice (logo.sys)
winxp 1037k2002-06-23Windows XP Glass (computer generated image)
winxp2 693k2002-03-15Official Windows XP wallpaper
winxp_95 13k2004-04-11Animated Windows XP startup logo for Windows 95
winxp_98 14k2004-04-11Animated Windows XP startup logo for Windows 98
winxpbug 694k2003-02-01Windows XP with Millenium Bug(TM) (funny)
winxppro 202k2002-08-11Windows XP Pro
wired 558k2000-11-18Stylish objects connected with plastic wires (computer)
witch98 59k2000-07-13Witches 98 (logo.sys)
witchbla 257k2000-07-13Witchblade (logo.sys)
wizards 8k2000-10-01Wizards (cartoon fantasy movie)
wolf 118k2000-07-13Wolf (logo.sys)
wolfgang 140k2000-07-13Wolfgang's Logos 1 (logo.sys)

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