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Alien Resurrection

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Review Date: 01/08/1999

File Size: 2,251k

Author URL: Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

Here's a theme package based on the Alien Resurrection movie. Unlike some of the other Alien based themes, this one contains features only found in the Alien Resurrection movie and not the Alien Saga in general. Of those parts, there are animated video capture cursors, photo capture icons, high-quality sound files, 2 different 800x600 JPG wallpaper images and a screen saver. The saver also contains sound and graphics found only in the Alien Resurrection movie. Theme files for Windows 95 also included.

The animated video capture cursors are a good idea but keep in mind that unless you've seen the movie about a million times, it's very difficult to tell what is showing. When images are resized to 32x32 pixels, they (obviously) become distorted and hard to see. Most of the other cursors are just the standard 3D type. The sound files are in the best compression format to date but there may be a little overuse of left to right channel panning. The screen saver sound files also contain a bit of background hissing. The included web view images are the default Windows 98 graphics.

It's not exactly computer generated 3D imagery but if you're an Alien movie fan, you should probably check it out.

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