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Review Date: 05/31/2000

File Size: 2,468k

Author URL: Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

Here's an inventive piece of work, to say the least. The wallpaper is an 800x800 pixel 256-color bitmap of artistic textures and swirl effects, very similar to the assorted images included in the screen saver that also comes with this package. Some of the icon and cursor files look familiar with others in the public domain but they have also been tweaked or edited to give a somewhat different appearance. Sound files are short game type beep and bleep sound effects, perfect for computing. Installation consists of 3 self-extracting exe files which place the screen saver, theme file and theme components in their proper location with the ability to change locations if necessary.

'Software\Classes\' needs to be removed from the main theme file code for Windows 95 Plus! users, otherwise there will be icon problems in the system registry. Several cursor associations are unassigned. Icons could use a little more creativity. Wallpaper does not stretch well due to the non-standard 800x800 pixel image size. Sound quality is inconsistent.

It's an interesting idea and has the potential to be a very fun desktop theme. However, at this point it has not reached its potential. Some things that would improve this desktop theme would be to remove the software\classes coding from the theme file, resize the wallpaper to a standard screen size, add more cursors that are complimentary to the theme, and to create some original higher quality sound files. Throwing in a few extras such as logos and web views would also improve the overall quality of this theme.

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