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Computer Bug

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Review Date: 10/27/1999

File Size: 1,394k

Author URL: Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

For those of you who ever wondered were the term 'bug' came from, here's the answer. It was actually a bug inside of a computer causing problems. The term went on to label system crashes and software glitches. This theme certainly won't cause your computer to crash but it does have more than enough bugs. There are two theme settings to choose from with different wallpaper images and shared theme parts. The bugs all come in the form of desktop icons, 1024x678 or 800x600 JPG images and a few bug type animated cursors. Logo screens and an extra true type font are also included.

Wallpaper is too plain in both settings and the second could easily be included as a small bitmap tiled on the desktop for any display size instead of only two large JPG images. You might also have trouble finding your normal select cursor in the second theme setting because the cursor looks just like the bugs on the desktop.

There it is! Kill it! Kill it!

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