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The Crow 2000

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Review Date: 01/16/2001

File Size: 2,128k

Author URL: Not Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

"Suddenly I heard a tapping as if someone gently rapping... rapping at my chamber door." Are you hearing it? That's the sound of the Crow telling you what's in this theme pack. Well, maybe not... so I'll let you in on the details. There's one complete theme here with a 1024x768 JPG wallpaper image, matching color scheme, 4 desktop icons, 2 new animated cursors, various sound files and a couple of web view images.

The entire theme package is zipped in a directory called 'Crow 2K' but the code is referencing theme parts from a directory called 'The Crow'. The installation instructions only state to "install to your C:\Program Files\Plus\Themes directory" but you'll have to change the content directory name to 'The Crow' during installation or nothing will load. Once you get everything installed correctly, you'll find that the wallpaper is too washed out and the web view images are pixilated to death. Icons are only screen captures without any artistic enhancements. Most of the cursors are the standard 3D type and several sound files are borrowed from other themes. The 'Exit Windows' sound association is also a bit lengthy when it comes time to shut down your computer.

Needless to say, it takes more than borrowed parts slapped together to make a theme.

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