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The Sum Of All Fears

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For Windows & Mac


Review Date: 07/14/2002

File Size: 1,180k

Author URL: Available

Windows XP Compatible NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

Theme includes a centered 800x600 JPG wallpaper image, 4 desktop icons, 2 folder icons, 2 new animated cursors, 12 color coherent static cursors, 15 sound files, and a set of system logo screens.

Most of the cursors are colored versions of the standard type. Sound filtering is poor and several associations are very long. Web view images and screen saver files are not included.

Hey! Let's listen to the entire closing credits theme song every time we shut down our computer. Better yet, let's NOT! This sound cutting truly is the sum of all fears! "'s not reasonab"</cut>

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