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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

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Review Date: 08/14/2001

File Size: 4,007k

Author URL: Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

Packed with some fuuuuuuuuuuunny lines from the movie, this one was "put together to fulfill the geek boy need to have a Kevin Smith theme." Theme parts consist of a 1024x768 JPG wallpaper featuring the main cast mixed with cutout comic type icons, a few new 3D cursors, new web view images and system logo screens. A slide show type screen savers with plenty of movie snapshots is also included to fill the void. - Hey wait! I already said "fulfill" and now "fill". That's just not right. - Ok, we probably shouldn't go off trying to get comical here. The theme already takes care of that!

Warning for those that can't handle it, there is juuuuuuust a bit of profanity in this one. Some of the sound associations also get a little annoying after a while. Most of the cursors are the standard type.

It's definitely worth about as much laughter as the movie itself. Well, about as close as a desktop theme can get anyway.

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