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How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

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For Windows & Mac

Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 12/08/1999

File Size: 3,188k

Author URL: Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

This is just great! There's no better way to get into the spirit of Christmas than to catch a glimpse of this holiday classic from Dr. Seuss. After all, knowing how the Grinch stole Christmas might help to save your own. This theme contains two well designed desktop theme settings with great looking 800x600 bitmap wallpaper images, beautifully rendered cutout desktop icons, plenty of cute and colorful cursors, two sets of high quality sound files, two sets of web view images, and some of the best system logo screens ever included in a desktop theme package. Very nice!

A 'grinch system default.wav' sound file is referenced in the code but not included with the theme package, leaving a question mark next to sound event previews in Microsoft Plus! 98.

A wonderfully loveable holiday theme package.

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