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The Inferno

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Review Date: 09/01/1998

File Size: 1,874k

Author URL: Not Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

"Oh you who reach this house of suffering, be careful how you enter, whom you trust; the gate is wide, but do not be deceived!" This desktop theme is extremely coherent with its subject in every single aspect. Its main purpose is to give a general idea of what the concept of hell meant for several important artists and it succeeds in doing so. Most of its components are of top quality: very appropriate sounds in MPEG Layer-3, 56 kBit/s, 24,000 Hz, Stereo format, high-color icons, brilliant animated cursors and a set of interesting logo screens. The package even comes with the necessary codec to play the sound files, in case you don't have it. A very fine text file is provided, listing the sources of the materials used in the theme and the background JPG image comes in 800x600 and 640x480 sizes to best fit your screen settings.

The 800x600 wallpaper is not as sharp as the 640X480. The visibility of the icons over the background image is compromised. The color scheme could use some elaboration.

Other than that, the theme is perfect and with some small adjustments it could easily be an award winner. Get it!

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