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Lost World

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Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 09/13/1998

File Size: 884k

Author URL: Theme Doctor

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

Lost World fans and dinosaur fans, PLEEEEEASE stay in your seats. The T-Rex is out and he's one BIG hungry prehistoric predator. Just remember, his vision is based on movement. Oh yea, nothing to worry about. You're using your computer, right? There won't be any movements out of you for a while. Well, at least from this point on it may be a little more of an adventure. This theme looks great at any display setting. The wallpaper and icons have been optimized for peak performance, high vision, night vision, and even dinosaur vision. There are icons for the desktop, the start menu, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and you name it. They are also created in every common display size and will change automatically according to your system display properties. All the cursors are completely original and most are animated for that little extra touch of creativity. The sounds are the best out of about 50 sampled at "44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo" and converted to "MPEG Layer-3,56 kBit/s, 22,050 Hz, Stereo" format for an even better stereo sound in an amazingly smaller package. An alternative theme executable has been added for a variation in color schemes and animated cursors. There's even a new 3D rendered screen saver! The LOST WORLD has been found.

There are no logo files (yet). One of the color schemes is set for 'Dark' and wasn't going to be added to this package because it does conflict with some software packages like Office 97. The result will be difficulty in reading text in message boxes because it simply doesn't show up well. There is another color scheme included so if you are going to use any conflicting software, just change it real quick with the other theme file. Let's just put it this way..., the nurse made me do it. =)

Here's to BIO Testing.

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