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The Mummy

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Review Date: 06/20/2000

File Size: 1,025k

Author URL: Not Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

Unleashing the creature that we have feared for more than a 3,000 years, the mummy is back. This updated package contains high quality sound effects from the movie, new icons, a few new and very good quality cursors, a clear 800x600 JPG wallpaper that looks good centered on 1024x768 desktops as well, and system logo screens too boot.

There is no documentation to explain that the archive must be extracted to a new directory called 'TheMummy' within the themes directory and the self-extractor is set to extract the files to the Windows\Temp directory by default. Make sure you change the initial extraction directory to 'C:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes\TheMummy' or you'll just end up extracting the files to a useless location where they cannot be used properly.

Definitely an update for the better as far as individual theme parts are concerned. However, the initial extraction issues and the lack of installation documentation put this mummy back in its tomb with a loss in this overall rating. Correcting these two issues will easily give this package the rating it deserves. - Awaiting update...

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