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Trainspotting - Choose Life

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Review Date: 01/04/2003

File Size: 1,357k

Author URL: Not Available

Windows XP Compatible NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

This theme is dope! It's based on the rated 'R' movie for graphic heroin use and resulting depravity, strong language, sex, nudity and some violence so that should tell you if you're in the right download area or not. The package doesn't actually include any dope so apologies must go out for that. The sound files are the real pinpoint in this one. They are all funny clips that Trainspotting fans will more than likely enjoy. Other parts include a 800x600 JPG wallpaper image, 4 desktop icons, a few new cursors and color coherent static cursors.

Most of the cursors are the standard type. Web view images, system logo screens and screen saver settings are not included.

It's still a very "cool" theme pack for what it's worth. Again, those funny sound files really make this one worth the download. Overall, it makes you want to check out the movie again (if you haven't already seen it).

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