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Scream 2

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Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 08/24/1999

File Size: 1,377k

Author URL: Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

Were you scared when you saw the movie Scream? Well, what could be scarier than that? How about Scream 2? Enough questions? Well, you're probably still wondering about this theme, right? OK... everything you expect in a great theme is here and it's pieced together very professionally. There are startup/shutdown logo files, 2 different theme files to activate 2 different JPG wallpaper sizes for 800x600 or 1024x768, a bunch of different sound clips from the movie, a great set of all original cursors and photo type icons. This update now includes web view images and better quality sound files. Just double click on the self extracting file and follow the instructions on the scream... uh, I mean screen.

A number of the cursors are still the same old standard 3D type.

It makes you want to watch the movie again.

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