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Sydney 2000

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Review Date: 10/07/2000

File Size: 1,481k

Author URL: Not Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

A bit of the beauty and the excitement of the 2000 Summer Olympics are captured in this high color desktop theme pack. Theme parts consist of a creative 800x600 bitmap wallpaper, a couple of new cursors, 4 desktop icons, 7 new sound files and a set of system logo screens with an easy-to-use logo installer.

Most of the cursors are the standard type. There's no 'My Documents' icon or a screen saver included.

Original cursors and a 'My Documents' icon are standard additions to most of today's desktop themes. Consistent sound formats and compression would also bring down the size of this theme pack without any loss of quality. At any rate, if you want a "good looking" desktop setting, let the downloads begin.

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