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The Simpsons - Matrix Parody

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Review Date: 03/19/2004

File Size: 1,004k

Author URL: Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

They shout, scream or say it loudly. Any way you put it, the Simpsons let you know when they're in town and this desktop theme works pretty much the same way. It's loud and proud with a bright yellow color-scheme, colorful desktop icons, matching cursors, sound files and a Matrix movie type wallpaper of Homer and Bart playing their part. Web view images, system logo screens and a simple screen saver are also included.

The installer dumps all the files in the root of the themes directory. (Ouch!) It appears this was a technical error in the installer packaging process since the main theme (*.theme) file includes references to all parts within a new 'The Simpson Shootout' directory. Either way, that's the current problem and that's where all the files belong.

The author should update the setup to extract files to the proper location. In the mean time, theme users should make sure the parts are moved to a new 'The Simpson Shootout' directory within the themes directory for proper use. If not, Homer Simpson's commentary says it all. - "I don't think so stupid!"

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