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Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 03/10/1999

File Size: 3,585k

Author URL: Theme Doctor

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

Quake II is cool but after playing a few games of Unreal, there seems to be no turning back. You have to have a fast system and a good 3D graphics accelerator to get the full effect but the rewards of experiencing the Unreal gaming atmosphere really do alter reality forever. Now, after spending 4 solid months capturing images and tweaking theme parts, it's time to cut straight to the point and deliver another long awaited desktop theme. The contents of this package consist of 10 different themes for an average display size of 1024x768 or 800x600. It has been designed for use with Microsoft Plus! and Windows 98 with all the colorful gradient effects. (Windows 95 users may also enjoy these themes with limited color settings.) The sound files are in full 3D surround sound so make sure you have those speakers turned on all around you. The icons and cursors are Unreal in every way and really are something you have to see to believe. There are also 2 sets of animated startup and shutdown logo screens with easy-to-use add/remove features. (See the enclosed Unreal Logos help file for more information.) The screen saver is the best out of 4 different creations for a simple but very effective addition to an Unreal theme. - This March 10th update includes better JPG file compression in 'Standard format' for theme manager compatibility and overall file size. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop v5.02, we knocked over 500k off the entire theme package. Thanks Adobe!


OK. I admit it. This may be a little too much for an average desktop theme but what can I say? It's Unreal...

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