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Weekly Top50:
Themes  |  Fonts  |  Screensavers  |  Wallpaper

Preview Size Downloads Description
jw_climb 944k 25Slide show saver features spectacular mountain landscapes
jw_aumst 936k 25Animated saver has falling leaves on an autumn background
jw_color1009k 24Slide show saver - beautiful bouquet close-ups
jw_aaa 1375k 23Slide show saver features colorful annuals
jw_flamb 959k 22Slide show saver - fireworks
jw_cobwb 966k 22Morphing light effect saver features fractal spider web image
jw_anker 841k 22Slide show saver features paintings of Albert Ankar
xmasim111852k 21Popular images and music of Christmas (Xmas)
ufosaver 151k 21UFO
xmaspi135753k 20Images and music for Christmas (Xmas)
xfiles 1097k 20Green X from X Files eerily breathes in and out
jw_cupck 923k 20Animated saver has candy corn on cupcake background
dmwwlll 7609k 20Battle of Trafalgar, Oct 21, 1805
corndog 1933k 20Corndog - a sinister serial screensaver
zrings 1461k 19Zone Rings from OuterSpace
xsaver10 353k 19Xcreensaver is the online saver - enjoy the net
xmasmome3023k 19Christmas Moments
xmas98 239k 19Christmas 98
xmas95 704k 19Christmas 95
xmas11 18k 19Christmas
jw_deep 1577k 19Water effect saver features purple blooms
amos2 942k 19Tori Amos 2
jw_thfst2351k 18Animated saver features cute pilgrims
jw_stime1158k 18Slide show saver - spring in bloom
jw_ggate1007k 18Slide show saver - gardens and gates
jw_chmkt1191k 18Snow effect saver features painting of shoppers
jw_bmine 605k 18Animated pink roses spinning on a romantic background
jw_bloom 958k 18Slide show saver - spring flower blossoms
jw_bells1352k 18Animated saver has bells tied with holly and a bow
eforrscr 989k 18Enchanted Forest - a unicorn in a magic forest
earth2 679k 18Selectable real time views of Earth in relief
daniela 578k 18Daniela Pestova
alaskanc3427k 18Alaskan Coastline
agsss20 2565k 18Solar System
jw_prmnt1176k 17Animated saver has candy canes & holly tied with a bow
jw_nitb41877k 17Animated saver features Santa Claus
jw_lilac 697k 173D cube saver features a basket brimming with lilacs
jw_hcsc 1272k 17Snow effect saver features painting of Santa Claus
jw_goofy2427k 17Animated saver features silly turkeys
jw_frsty1217k 17Snow effect saver features painting of snowman family
jw_exagg 919k 17Water effect saver features an image of decorated eggs
gdkine 255k 17The Kinemorphic 3D Plug-In
bats 612k 17Bats
wedding 1506k 16Wedding
wcm2hell 515k 16Inverted pentagrams flying across the screen
sndyfr 804k 16Snowy Day Friends - wolves run, snow falls, birds fly
kgdmhts 2199k 16Kingdom hearts (category?) (12199kb)
jw_joyrd1295k 16Snow effect saver features a sleigh ride scene
jw_bwtch 621k 16Animated saver where witches fly on a candy background
dtoprain 511k 16Rain falls on your desktop as soothing music plays
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