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PC Fonts on a Macintosh?

How to UnZip PC Zip Files to a Mac?
On a Mac, you will need ZipIt to decompress the PC zip files.

  1. Put the downloaded "font zip" file in a folder.

  2. Double-click on ZipIt.

  3. Open zip archive...OR...Simply drag the icon of the font file to the ZipIt icon.

  4. Select All from the Edit menu.

  5. Extract (command e) from Zip menu.

  6. Save All.

How to Convert PC Fonts for the Mac?
TT-Convert converts between formats, not between font types. It will convert back and forth from PC to Mac TrueType and from PC to Mac PostScript. It can not convert between TrueType and PostScript formats.

  1. Open TT-Converter and from within the program, open the .ttf file you wish to convert...OR...Simply drag your .ttf files onto the TT-Converter icon.

  2. A dialog box will now appear.

  3. If the highlighted box ("Save Converted Font As"), doesn't already have a name in it, type the Font Name you know you downloaded it as, then

  4. Click "Customize Font," which brings up another dialog box.

  5. Ignore most of it. Enter the name (from Step 3) into the "Font Name" box.

  6. Click "OK" in that dialog box.

  7. Click "Save" in the next dialog box (Keep ignoring everything else).

How to Install Fonts onto your Mac?
Drag the font(s) (inside the folder labeled with the "A" or out by itself) to the "Font Folder" inside your System Folder...OR... Simply drag the font(s) to your System Folder, and click "OK" in the dialog box that automatically comes up.
  1. Do not create or put fonts into new, non-font folders inside the Font Folder.

  2. Only after you've loaded the font can you start the program you want to use it in.

  3. Sometimes, newly added fonts don't show up in your font lists until you restart.

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