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Screensaver Installation

Screensavers are another great way to enhance your desktop experience. Using screensavers in Windows can bring your desktop much more entertainment than that boring default look would ever bring. Are you ready to apply one of the Screensavers that you've downloaded?

.ZIP Screensavers
If you downloaded a screensaver in zip format you will first need to make sure you have a zip utility such as WinZip. If you have a zip utility, please follow these installation steps:

  1. Open your file up in your zip utility and unzip your .SCR file to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

  2. Now minimize all of your windows and right-click on clear spot on your desktop

  3. Now click on Properties

  4. Your Display properties window will come up, now click on the screensavers tab

  5. Select the new screensaver from the drop-down menu and click apply.

.EXE Screensavers
If you downloaded a screensaver in .EXE format:

  1. Double-click on the .EXE file you downloaded.

  2. And then follow the install instructions.

Now when your computer is idle for the minutes specified in your display properties you will see your screensaver. Enjoy and download more.

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