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Download Problems

Why does the download script keep redirecting back to the index page without downloading the file?

To download many of the files from our servers, you'll need to allow our download script to retrieve browser information. Security programs such as Norton Internet Security should be adjusted to "Disable Browser Privacy", which prevents a website from retrieving the address of the last website visited. In this case, the site is our own because our security scripts are only checking to see if the files are being download from our own servers. We do this to prevent other sites from linking to and downloading the files from outside our network.

The following screen shot is an example of the one and only security setting that should be changed in Norton Internet Security 2003. (See the help files in your security software for more information.)

In addition, you must use only a standard browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape to download the files. (Third party download managers like GetRight and Download Accelerator will not work with the security scripts on our download servers.)

Why is it that when I click on a link to download a theme it is only 13k and it won't unzip because it is an invalid archive? I have WinZip and I have downloaded other such things on the net with no problem. Can you help me?

There have been reports of download problems that produce 12~15k files and it is related to download software or download procedures. To resolve this, try holding down the "Shift" key and then left-click (not right-click) on the zip download URL. (It's a browser thing.)

However, sometimes the problem turns out to be Go!Zilla, for some reason the Go!Zilla program won't download anything but the file header, if you just quit the program the whole file can be downloaded.

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