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Additional Theme Support

Are there any good message boards or newsgroups for more desktop theme related information?

Sure! Just login to one of the following services and share your comments, suggestions or questions about desktop themes.

  • DTCC Mailing List
    DTCC (Desktop Theme Creators And Collectors) is an e-mail discussion list for creators and collectors of desktop themes. The list assists desktop theme creators in producing better themes. Discussion topics include but are not limited to issues with the multimedia (graphics, icons, cursors, sounds) of which a theme is composed, software available for creating or using themes, desktop theme ftp archives where authors may publish their themes, and desktop theme websites. Those who do not create themes, but use them and would like to find out more about themes, are also welcome on the list.

    PLEASE NOTE that this is a discussion list, not a newsletter. By subscribing to DTCC, you become a member of a community of theme authors who like to talk...sometimes a lot...about their hobby. You will be able to read what other authors have to say about theme making, and post questions or comments of your own for the other members to see. At times there will be a high volume of mail as we find a lot to talk about; if this is a concern, consider a subscription to the Daily Digest form of the list which can be accessed through the list archives.

    Send a blank message to subscribe to DTCC or visit the list web page. You can send email to the Group Moderator or go to the archives for this e-group. You can be removed from the list, by sending us a blank message.

  • Microsoft Plus! Newsgroup
    For everyday questions and answers about Microsoft PLUS! Themes, subscribe to:

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