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WebView Settings

Generally, webview settings refer to the way the Windows Explorer shows file and directory listings. In IE 4.0 or higher, there is an option to view folders or directories as a Web Page, which can easily be found under the 'View' menu. Once webview setting are active, standard graphics will appear in the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the Explorer window. The standard images look like clouds (as expected) in the upper right corner with a small thin red, yellow, green, blue line just below it. The image in the lower right appears when attempting to look in the Windows or Windows\System directories and looks something like gears with the Windows logo and OS version information in the lower right corner.

Webview images can easily be altered by opening the originals with a good graphic editor. Increase the color depth, copy and paste your new images, reset the color depth and save the files accordingly in a new location. Then just reference these new images in your *.theme file code and apply the theme.

How do I enable webview setting on my system?

First of all, Windows Explorer must be set to View "as Web page" before you will see the default Webview images.

When applied, the Webview images appear as clouds in the upper left corner (wvleft.bmp), a horizontal line below the clouds (wvline.gif), and the main Windows logo graphic (wvlogo.gif) visible in the Windows and Windows\System folders.

As you can see in the image above, the Webview images fully appear in Windows Explorer when accessing the Windows folder or Windows\System folder. If you are a standard Microsoft Plus user, these images will not change when other themes are applied. However, if the updated Microsoft Plus 98 version is installed, the Webview images change depending on the theme applied.

This image above now shows the same system with a different theme active. Can anybody guess which one? (Quack! Quack!) At any rate, it's easy to see that there is a big difference with the updated version of Microsoft Plus 98 installed.

Now to answer the question about how to apply these settings, you have a couple of choices.

  1. You can try to find a copy of the Microsoft Plus! 98 CD, purchase it and install it on your system.
  2. Trash idea number one because you can go to the Microsoft Live Update site, click on Product Updates, wait for Microsoft to finish checking your system for all available updates, and then download any of the themes found at the bottom of the Product Updates Selected Software page under Fun and Games. This will automatically update Plus to the Plus 98 version for FREE!

Note that many of the themes found here at the contain these cool new Webview images. So download your FREE update to Plus 98 and enjoy the extra features.

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