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Preview Size Date Description
lsl7jugg 744k2003-12-15Leisure Suit Larry - The Juggs (The Judds parody)
lsl7thyg 662k2003-12-15Leisure Suit Larry - Captain Thygh
lsl7vick1009k2003-12-15Leisure Suit Larry - Victorian Principles (Victoria Principal parody)
lsuitlar3032k2006-03-16Leisure Suit Larry (video game)
macethem 765k1998-02-02Mace - The Dark Age (video game)
madden 2735k1998-07-13Madden NFL 97 (video game)
magethd 3682k1998-12-12Mage - The Hero Discovered (comic)
magicv1 687k1998-01-08Based Upon the Card-game - Magic
majomask6320k2000-12-10The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask (game)
manathem 836k1998-09-07Secret of Mana (SNES video game)
mankindn4045k2000-02-17Mankind (large online game arena)
manny 3665k2000-01-23Manny Calavera - Grim Fandango (game)
marbdrop1396k1997-09-03Marble Drop (Maxis game)
Below Average
2660k2001-02-25Mario64 (high quality icons)
mario64t2660k2001-09-10Mario 64 (game)
marioc 460k1998-09-07Mario Kart (game)
mariok64 759k2001-09-10Mario Kart 64 (game)
mariokrt 414k1997-09-14Mario Kart (game)
maxpayne2567k2003-08-17Max Payne (game)
mech 660k1997-01-23Mechwarrior (computer game)
mech2thm 934k1997-08-23MechWarrior (game)
mechcomm1332k1998-09-16MechCommander (computer game)
Doctor's Choice
4646k2003-06-11Mechwarrior 4 - Vengeance - loads of elements (XP)
mechwar35246k1999-09-01Mechwarrior 3 (computer game)
Doctor's Choice
1318k1999-01-16Mechwarrior 2 (computer game)
megaman 1666k1997-02-06Megaman
mesv1 1892k2001-07-25Messiah (computer game)
High Quality
2402k1998-05-07Super Metroid (Nintendo game)
mewtwoth 582k2004-08-04Mewtwo
mgprs2 2831k2000-12-10Monaco Grand Prix - Racing Simulation 2 (game)

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