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Preview Size Date Description
ripper 1223k1997-02-18Ripper (game)
risk 470k1998-06-25Risk - The game of Global Domination
High Quality
1938k1998-05-07Riven (game - sequel to Myst)
riven2 1592k1999-11-27Riven (game - sequel to Myst)
roetheme2562k1996-09-11Rubies of Eventide (online game)
roguesp23882k2001-09-10Rainbow 6 - Rogue Spear (game)
roguespr2255k2001-09-10Rainbow 6 - Rogue Spear (game)
romance42167k1997-01-21Romance of the 3 Kingdoms IV
ron_1 4132k2004-12-21Rise Of Nations - pack 1
ron_2 4323k2004-12-21Rise Of Nations - pack 2
rrtheme 1959k1997-10-10Redneck Rampage (computer game)
rrtheme21102k1997-10-10Redneck Rampage (computer game)
rspear 2792k1999-09-01Rainbow 6 sequel - Rouge Spear (game)
rtcw 4904k2001-12-02Return To Castle Wolfenstein from Activision (game)
rtcw1 2907k2002-01-27Return to Castle Wolfenstein (game)
rtcwbear2487k2002-11-11I like it, you should too (game)
rztheme 190k2000-01-23Return To Zork (game)
s3theme 1550k2002-01-27Swat 3 (video game)
s_bigred 295k1996-10-07SFX of Big Red Racing (video game)
s_duke 1030k1996-09-19Duke Talk (from the Wanna Dance game)
High Quality
1162k2003-07-16System Shock 2 (game) (XP)
s_stiff 1227k1998-02-02Scared Stiff (pinball game)
samurai 1499k1996-06-20Samurai Shodown (game)
sc_2003 5287k2003-04-06Starcraft 2003 (game)
Doctor's Choice
7558k2003-08-17Splinter Cell (game) (XP)
sc_game2 287k2004-03-28Splinter Cell (game) (XP)
scaredst 437k2001-02-09Scared Stiff (based on the pinball game)
scladies3446k2002-04-13Soul Calibur - The women (Dreamcast game)
scnands 1195k2002-04-13Soul Calibur - Nightmare & Seigfried (Dreamcast game)
scterran2265k1998-10-24Starcraft Terran (combat game)

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