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Preview Size Date Description
High Quality
2139k2000-09-25Future Perfect (Christian based theme)
funcars 1046k1998-09-023 nice cars on a wallchart
funky1 923k1997-09-24Colorful and Funky Feeling Desktop
g1bones 593k2003-12-15Gothic - Bones
g1cmtry 849k2003-12-15Gothic - Cemetery
g1death 678k2003-12-15Gothic - Death
g1dkplrs1487k2003-12-15Gothic - DarkPleasures
g1images 734k2003-12-15Gothic - Images
g1ruins 890k2003-12-15Gothic - Ruins
g2altang 678k2003-12-15Gothic - Alternative Angels
g2falang 788k2003-12-15Gothic - Fallen Angels
g2gloom 735k2003-12-15Gothic - Gloom
g2sandd 759k2003-12-15Gothic - Sex and Death
gandalf 4560k2001-07-25Tolkien - Gandalf (classic fantasy)
Doctor's Choice
948k2000-10-22The Guardians of Death - skeleton warriors
garmr 966k1998-09-25Social commentry by Garmr (explicit)
gate 2051k1998-02-02Heaven's Gate (cult religion)
gaypride1402k1997-03-06Gay Pride
gdtheme2 869k2001-12-02Golden Dawn School of Western Misteries (Occultism or Magick)
generic 446k1996-11-18Generic
Average Quality
708k1999-09-01Haunted House, ghosts, pumpkins
gi 201k2000-12-10Goth Inside (sendup of Intel Inside)
Doctor's Choice
2005k2003-12-16Gingerbread House (Christmas) (XP)
gnfshng 3784k2000-09-10Gone Fishing (Christian)
gnslingr4303k2005-04-02Dark Tower series by Stephen King
goldange3175k1999-11-01Golden Angel
goldente2366k2000-09-13Gold Enterprises
goldfant3389k2003-02-16Golden Fantasy (XP)
goldhove 1k2001-05-14A cursor
goonshow 701k2001-05-14The Goon Show (1952-60 BBC radio comedy)

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