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Preview Size Date Description
Doctor's Choice
3990k2000-09-02Spirit of Flight (beautiful art based theme)
Doctor's Choice
2770k2000-01-23Angel-inspired theme about love
spkxmas 3818k2007-02-01Wintery scene
spooky 2528k2002-11-11A spooky guys night out
spqr 764k1999-11-27SPQR - Roman Empire
stairway3298k2002-05-28Stairway to Heaven
stealth 1349k1999-09-01Stealth
stereo 2647k1999-06-06Photos & sounds from various sources
stickfig 340k2003-05-31Stick Figure
stllwtrs3132k2000-09-09Still Waters (Christian theme)
stonehng1791k1998-10-24Stonehenge - mystical & magical view
stpatlep3753k2001-05-14St Patricks Day Leprechaun
stpats 1245k1997-02-18St. Patrick's Day (Irish)
stpats2 714k1998-06-25St. Patrick's Day - Shamrock
stpats3 907k1998-06-25St. Patrick's Day - Victorian
strangea8182k2003-02-16Strange Aliens with screensaver (XP)
strfhrt 1185k2005-04-19Original, rose hued, beautiful cherub Valentines Day
sunset_c 558k2002-01-27A mystical castle in the clouds with setting sun
super_cp 771k1999-03-20Popular cars and military aircraft
supershp 714k2003-04-06Supersheep (category?)
suzy10241507k2000-02-17Suzys Zoo
swall 3000k1999-12-26Paintings of castles (Connectix)
swallss 978k1999-12-26Paintings of castles & Camelot music (webshot)
swetheme 358k1997-12-12Sound Wave Energy (medicine)
Doctor's Choice
4584k2002-10-07Sweetheart (XP)
swrdcrn 1718k2003-01-20Swords And The Crown with screensaver (XP)
sxe 1092k2000-09-25Straight Edge - Drug Free Youth (community message)
tandm1 749k2001-10-14All things T & M Digital
taoism 445k1997-06-21Taoism (Chinese religion)
tarot 965k2000-01-23Tarot Cards, with screensaver

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