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Preview Size Date Description
laghirl 956k1999-08-04Dante Gabriel Rossetti (artist)
laguna 1611k2003-04-06Laguna - space fantasy
law_enf1 462k1998-09-16Law Enforcement (general theme)
law_enf2 551k1998-09-16Law Enforcement (general theme)
law_enf31191k1999-03-20Law Enforcement (international view)
ldstheme 754k1998-04-09Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
leather1 20k2000-02-17Leathercraft - using the more popular tools
legalos 6578k2002-04-13Legalos
lemonade4105k2000-09-13Lemonade - A Summer Time theme (with screensaver)
leprecha1841k2002-05-28Leprechaun Hills
High Quality
1519k1998-07-08The Music Lesson (paintings)
letlie 1907k2004-06-03Let Sleeping Dragons Lie (fantasy)
lghtng1 2060k2000-09-09Lightning (Christian theme)
liagj 1761k1999-12-26August Macke - Lady In A Green Jacket
life 1563k2006-12-05Life (religious)
loneboy 3074k2003-01-20Lonely Boy (XP)
lonewolf1306k2001-07-25Lone Wolf (art by Brom and music by van Veldhoven)
lorsile 1376k2001-12-02Lorcan and Sile
love 286k1998-08-28Love - Lovers and Romantics
lovelost1591k1998-10-10Love Lost - Sad and Lonely
lthsview4074k2000-09-09Lighthouse View (Christian theme)
Doctor's Choice
2559k1998-08-28Lullaby for a Baby
lunathem 243k1996-09-11Moon & Space (Apollo 11 sounds)
m_xmas 265k1999-11-27Merry Christmas by Marie
macke 482k1999-12-26August Macke - fashion store
macneil 261k2001-12-02MacNeil Scottish Tartan
madwav 4169k2003-01-20Maid Of The Wave
magic 2040k2002-05-28Touch of Magic
magiccar1887k2002-05-28Magic Carpet Ride
magicdt 985k1999-11-01Fire and Water Magic

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